Flower Child for 2022 - the Girl with Iris

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The Girl with Iris, the Flower Child for 2022 is now available.      

Almost in awe, she holds the large flower in her small hands. She seems to know just how sophisticated Mother Nature was when she fashioned it. And it requires just as much mastery from the craftsmen and women at Wendt & Kuhn as they recreate this delicate bloom in wood - with loving attention to detail and perfect craftmanship.

Iris pseudacorus, the yellow flagyellow iris, or water flag, is a species of flowering plant in the family iridaceae. It is native to Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa. Its specific epithet pseudacorus means "false acorus", referring to the similarity of its leaves to those of Acorus calamus (sweet flag), as they have a prominently veined mid-rib and sword-like shape. However, the two plants are not closely related. The flower is commonly attributed with the fleur-de-lis. - Wikipedia  

She is most exquisite.

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