Girl with a Christmas Rose / New 2019

Posted on November 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

Every year Wendt and Kühn delights us with a new Flower Child (Blossom Kinder). As always, they have given us a most delightful child.


The Girl with Christmas Rose is 5-1/4" tall and comes with a Wendt and Kühn Presentation / Gift Box

The Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) is an evergreen plant with dark leathery pedate leaves carried on stems 9–12 in (23–30 cm) tall. The large flat flowers, borne on short stems from midwinter to early spring, are generally white. The plant is a traditional cottage garden favorite because it flowers in the depths of winter. 

Helleborus niger is commonly called the Christmas rose, due to an old legend that it sprouted in the snow from the tears of a young girl who had no gift to give the Christ child in Bethlehem.

She along with many other new Wendt and Kühn figures for 2019 is ever so special. We invite you to enjoy this year's additions by clicking here: 2019 Wendt and Kühn collection.



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