The Helbig Workshop Nativity - Your Way

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The nativity set from the Emil Helbig Workshop, the oldest wood-carving work shop in the Erzgebirge (Germany's Christmas Capital), is without a doubt one of, if not the, finest hand-carved German nativity sets.

The joy of the Emil Helbig Workshop nativity is all the possibilities - rejoice in the complete set (above).

Choose a Helbig Nativity with a Bavarian stable (below) and a selection of nativity figures plus Bavarian accessories.

Choose the simplicity (below) of the Helbig Mary, Joseph, and Jesus with a hand-carved tree and a tree platform (both from the Erzgebirge).

or choose a set of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (below)

When and if you want to add additional Helbig figures to your selection, we now offer all of them separately -

     the three kings

     the ox

     the donkey

     the sheep     

     the shepherds   

     and the camels     

We feel privileged to be able to offer the Emil Helbig nativity figures to you.  To find them in our shop - click here or on any of the photographs above.


Emil Helbig Workshop - since 1933
Grunhainichen - A Toy Makers Village
Oldest Woodcarving Workshop in the Erzgebirge
Three generations strong - Celebrating the native Linden Tree
Winner of the 2007 Erzgebirge Craftsman and Toy Makers Association
Award for Outstanding Care in  Preserving the Erzgebirge Tradition
Unique - Original - Elegant

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A Spectacular 16" Spanbaum with Bird Feeder Nestled Inside Its Branches

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We have added to our ever popular Wood-Shaved Trees - Spanbaum - with this very special 16" tree with a bird feeder nestled inside its branches. 

Meticulously hand-crafted in the Erzgebirge, Germany, they have many names - Spanbaum, span trees, wood shaved trees, chip or chipped trees, twilled trees, and curled trees. They were first created by Spanbaumstecherei (carvers of Spanbaum trees) in the 1930s and are created with the wood of a linden tree - the trunk lathed, and then each branch carved from that trunk, curl by curl. 

Click here to shop and enjoy a video of how these elegant trees are crafted.

Tall and sturdy - this 16" beauty is a must for your Folk Art collection!

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Emil Helbig Wood Carvers - Enchanting!

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Three generations strong (1933-present) the Emil Helbig Workshop in Grunhainichen, the Erzgebirge, Germany, is the oldest wood carving workshop in the Ore Mountains. This year we have expanded our offerings considerably, with fairytales


children      Easter, and more.  

Their art is distinctive and elegant in its simplicity.

The exceptional Folk Art of the Emil Helbig Workshop has thrived over the years, suffering through the stark demands of the communist period, and then flourishing again since 1991 in the hands of Emil's son, Walter, enjoying a rebirth of the classic wood-carvings established by Emil himself. Their woodcarvings are created with a simple precision - the essence of the figure is revealed with a few, precise cuts. The native basswood, a bright, simply grained wood, is vital, accentuating the charm of the carvings through the final step - the full splendor of color. The art is in the omission! Emil Helbig's creative spirit lives on.

A celebration of humanity, from the figures created to the creators themselves, they are simply dear!


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A My Growing Traditions Folk Art Sampler - Celebrating the Best

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The perfect gift of art! or, simply enjoy this sampler - a very special and wonderful opportunity to discover the artists we all treasure... and save $20.00

The Folk Art Sampler comes in a My Growing Traditions box and includes:
From  Wendt & Kühn - Grünhainichen Angel with Songbook and Bird       
From the Erzgebirge - Dark Green, hand-shaved Tree, 4-1/2"
From the Franke Workshop, Seiffen - hand-carved Kitten with red yarn bow
From Nils Olsson Dala Horses - Classic / Original Red Dala Horse - 4"
From Marcel Carbonel Santons - the Pig, Size #3 
From Christian Werner, Master of Ring-Turning, Seiffen - hand-carved Sheep
plus a Folk Art Sampler card 
There is no doubt about it, this makes a charming gift for the art lovers on your list!

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Christmas Tree Finials from the Erzgebirge - A Tree to Top Your Tree

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This year we have added several hand-shaved (spanbaum) wooden Christmas tree finials to our offerings. They are splendidly crafted in the Erzgebirge and we are ever so pleased to carry them.

These two tree toppers feature spanbaum trees that have been cut in half - the stars in the center are on both sides             


  click on the image above or find here  

   click on the image above or find here 

The third is "three dimensional" with full spanbaum trees all around

find here

Trees atop your tree - they will naturally add a touch of majesty to your tree!


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An Anniversary Angel - Celebrating Wendt and Kühn's 100th

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In commemoration of their 100th Anniversary (1915 - 2015) Wendt and Kühn gives us this very special Angel - to find her click here or on the image below...
Spreading Joy. For 100 Years.

She stands proud with the Musician Angels, beside your collection of Grunhainichen Angels, or even enjoyed in a Children's Parade

Add her to your collection - Celebrate Wendt and Kühns 100th - Spread the Joy!

 To follow our Wendt and Kühn Pinterest Board - click here

A wonderful gift at Christmas!

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Wendt and Kühn Spandosen / Splinter Boxes - from Packaging to Collectible

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For their 100th Anniversary, Wendt and Kühn revived an almost forgotten art form, hand-decorated Spandosen or Splinter boxes.  They are thinner than, yet reminiscent of, Shaker bentwood boxes.


The original Wendt and Kühn splinter boxes were first created 90 years ago. While Grete Wendt focused almost exclusively on the creation of figures, her college friend and company co-founder Grete Kühn used her talent to paint and decorate wonderful wooden boxes - the containers for Wendt and Kühn's figures. With her unmistakable brush strokes and rich imagination, she turned simple wooden containers into exquisite works of art. In all shapes and sizes, from round to oval, even heart-shaped, they were delicately decorated with geometrical, floral tendrils, and folkloric elements. 

Grete Kühn's boxes were works of art used for the safekeeping of works of art - one piece of art wrapped in another.

Click here to view Wendt and Kühn's video of a splinter box in the making.

We stock three of these incredible boxes - 


And you can special order the others, by pressing their pre-order buttons or by writing us an email with your wishes.

They are such striking works of art as a decorative piece in and of themselves they will command a special place in your home.

And they certainly would be THE place to store your most cherished Wendt and Kühn figures.

Enjoy our Wendt and Kühn Pinterest Board - found here.

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