Wendt and Kühn Grünhainichen Gold Edition No. 14 Angel / The Discoverer with Sea Shell

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Wendt and Kühn's new Gold Edition for 2021 is No. 14, Grünhainichen Angel with a Sea Shell, the Discoverer.  

The Discoverer gently holds in its hands a finely crafted shell, a symbol of all the precious things we find on our journey through life. It is a receptacle, too, for all our personal memories. A wonderful gift for shell collectors, young and old. For those who love the sound of the sea and nature's treasures and for those who are on the road to find themselves. The shell is decorated with fine converging lines and is plated in 24-karat-gold.

It is available in two different versions. Above you will find the Discoverer by itself with the gold-plated sea shell. The Discoverer is also available with a gold-plated sea shell and base and is in a splintered wood box.

And it comes with your choice of hair color - blonde or brunette. 

Each new edition to the Gold collection feels even more special than the last.




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