Christian Werner's Very Special Fir Trees

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We all know the artisan Christian Werner for his animals. With his workshop in Seiffen, the Erzgebirge, Germany, Christian Werner is one of only eight master craftsmen in Reifendrehen - or ring-turning. Beyond his wonderful creatures, Christian Werner has revived a lost art with his production of very special fir trees. 

As explained in the Werner catalog:

"the production of intricate and highly detailed toys began in the Western Erzgebirge in 1861. Economic production of cardboard products gave rise to an industry that employed more than 1200 workmen and 140 engravers. When the last factory, in Buchholz, closed in 1953, it wasn't just the pretty toys that disappeared from the market.  Along with them went the know-how and craft skills needed to make them, from making the tools used to produce them through to the application of the last lick of paint."

He revived this lost craft in creating the fir trees that we offer in these two sets. They are delicate and precise, and help to create these true-to-life forest scenes.

For photos of the history and workshop of Werner enjoy our Christian Werner Folk Art and Ring-Animals board on Pinterest.



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