Inge-Glas' Snow Tweet with her Christian Ulbricht Cardinal

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New for 2013, Snow Tweet (Inge-Glas no. 1-009-13, 4-1/4" tall) is a Limited Edition of 999 pieces, with Presentation Box, and most especially is in collaboration with the German wooden ornament workshop of Christian Ulbricht. Ulbricht has crafted the wooden bird - a Cardinal - in her hand.

Special in so many ways, Snow Tweet is a Snow Baby, or Snow Kinder, a Christmas decoration that has been around since 1905. As Wikipedia explains the original Snow Babies were "involved in some aspect of the Christmas holidays or of winter sports. The traditional snow baby is made of unglazed porcelain (bisque) and shows a child dressed in a snowsuit; the suit itself is covered in small pieces of crushed bisque, giving the appearance of fallen snowflakes."  Inge-Glas replicates the porcelain figures in their Snow Kinder (Kinder is the German word for "child") glass ornaments, creating a fuzzy, snow-crystal like finish on these fun, active little children.

Snow Tweet carries a red bird, or Northern Cardinal, made of wood by the Ulbricht studios in Germany.  The Northern Cardinal is long beloved as a symbol of Christmas cheer and is considered America's "Christmas bird."

My Growing Traditions offers an Inge-Glas Northern Cardinal

and we carry several Christian Ulbricht Christmas birds - a Cardinal on a bird feeder

and two simple little Ulbricht birds, which are not all red, but which are ever so much fun. One is 1-1/2" tall

and the other is 1/2" high 

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