Don't forget your Christmas Pickle

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Inge-Glas of Germany has created a wonderful selection of Christmas Pickle glass ornaments. The pickle ornament is said to be an old German tradition. The pickle is hidden on the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve after the children have gone to bed. 

As the legend goes, the child to first find the pickle on Christmas morning receives a special gift.

We offer Inge-Glas' set of three pickles in a wooden gift box, or each size individually. Click on the images below to find them in our shop.



Every family has their own tradition for the special treat enjoyed by the child who finds the pickle.  Receiving a gift is always fun, but the pickle could also bring other privileges. 

The child who finds the pickle:

          - has good luck throughout the year

          - opens the first present Christmas morning

          - gives the first present Christmas morning

          - is Santa's helper Christmas morning, delivering presents all around

          - says Grace or reads a poem at Christmas dinner   

          - is chosen to be the Secret Santa for the day (secretly doing something special for a family member or friend)

The possibilities are endless...

Choose your tradition, leave the pickle out for Santa on Christmas Eve, alongside his cookies and milk, wait, and see what happens.

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