Santa Lucia's Day - Saint Lucy

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December 13th is Santa Lucia's Day.  It is celebrated throughout Europe, but especially in the Scandinavia countries.  Inge-Glas of Germany memorializes her in their lovely mouth-blown Christmas ornament

 Today's blog post of Lavender and Lovage is one you will enjoy. Visit their page about Saint Lucy - for a recipe for Saffron buns and more. Lavender and Lovage provides a simple and wonderful description of the Scandinavian Santa Lucia traditions on December 13th.  

"The oldest daughter of the family rises just before dawn and dresses in a white gown with a red sash, which symbolises Lucia's purity and her martyrdom. On her head she places a crown of lingonberry twigs and leaves in which candles are set, in memory of the candles Lucia wore when she visited the prisoners.  She is now the 'Lucia bride' or the 'Queen of lights". She then prepares fresh coffee, ginger biscuits, and Lussekatter (meaning 'cat' buns or cakes'), which she takes to her parents in bed."

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