Legend of the Bird's Nest

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          "Bird nests are symbols of home; they represent the love, commitment, and effort it takes to build a happy home. Bird nests are also good-luck symbols. Legend has it that prosperity will come to any home that finds a bird's nest nestled among the branches of the family Christmas tree." - Inge-Glas
          This legend is one that has been traced back to Iceland, Sweden, and Germany. The many varied versions of the legend include in that prosperity: health, happiness, friendship, and good luck. Nests it turns out are not where birds sleep (roost) - they are for keeping eggs and chicks in place. They are a home for new life. Audubon Magazine has a wonderful article, Small Miracles: The Wonder of Birds' Nests, with a delightful gallery of photographs of Birds' Nests by Sharon Beals.
The bird's nest is a charming tradition to add to your celebrations. A bird nest, a bird sitting on its nest, or a simple bird are the most natural of all ornaments to place in or on the tip of a branch on your tree. Birds are the number one figural Christmas ornament. Inge-Glas presents a full complement of bird ornaments, to include a number of delightful "bird's nest" ornaments. Among our favorites is this blue bird in Nestled Feathers...

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