The Woman with Cabbage and Garlic – the Nineteenth (19th) Essential Santon for a Provençal Creche

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The Woman with Cabbage and Garlic – Femme au chou et a l’ail (French) - La Femo eme lou caulet (Provençaux) is number 19 on the list of the top 20 Essential Santons for a Provençal Creche.

The Carbonel workshop offers her in all four of the Santon sizes that we carry.

She carries a braid of garlic in one hand while holding a head of cauliflower with the other.  Both of these vegetables are important to a Provençal tradition: l'aioli, a garlicky mayonnaise. As explained in Wikipedia: "In Provence, aioli (or more formally, Le Grand Aïoli) also designates a complete dish consisting of various boiled vegetables (uniformly carrotspotatoes, and green beans), boiled fish (normally, desalted salt cod), and boiled eggs usually served along with snails or mollusks, with the aioli sauce. Other commonly used vegetables are cauliflower, courgettes (zucchini) and raw tomato."

Garlic, of course, has also been important historically and to this day for its medicinal qualities.

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