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New for 2013, the Traveled Companion brings to your Christmas tree a remembrance of all those special trips in your life. This charming ornament is from Inge-Glas (No. 1-090-13, 2-3/4" tall).

Travel is one of those things that we all dream about.

High on our list are return trips to Provence (the home of all things Santons) - this guide book full of gorgeous photos and our Pinterest Board on Provence allow us places to feast on wonderful images of the area, 

to Neustadt, Germany - the home of Inge-Glas'  Historical German Christmas Museum,

and, to the Erzgebirge, Germany - the home of German Christmas, where we delight each visit in returning to the Ore Mountain Toy Museum in Seiffen.

A dream is to follow the German Toy Road and to extend that road south into Tirol, Northern Italy.

And, ultimately, a visit to Dresden and its Christmas Market - the oldest Christmas Market in Germany. 

Celebrate your travels - past and future - with the Traveled Companion.

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