German Christmas Tree Pine Cone Candle Holders

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In the 17th century, the Germans created the first lights on a Christmas tree by pinning or tying candles to the tree - using melted wax as an adhesive (much as we, today, use candle wax to affix a candle to a table top candle holder).  In 1878 Frederick Artz invented the clip-on candle holder. This wonderful painting, Merry Christmas, by Danish painter Viggo Johansen in 1891 celebrates the Christmas tree alight with candles.

For the first year, My Growing Traditions offers German Pine Cone Candle Holders for you to clip-on to your Christmas Tree.  They are available in both silver or gold colored metals




 and clip-on (exactly as Artz designed) easily to your tree.  
In addition, we offer boxes of ten (10) candles 
in three colors:  
white, a beeswax color, and red, all in paraffin that is smokeless and dripless.
It is fun to think of using these on a table-top tree, lighting the candles for a special occasion during the Christmas season.
You may enjoy our German Christmas board on Pinterest.

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