New for 2013 Wendt and Kühn Angels

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My Growing Traditions offers two new Angels introduced by Wendt and Kühn in 2013.

A Marguerite - Snowflake Angel working hard in Santa's workshop 

creating a doll.  Given the diminutive size of the Marguerite Angels (1.5 inches tall), the cakes, angels, dolls, jumping jacks, rocking horses, etc. that they hold and carry are incredibly small. Extraordinary skill is required to create these delightful figures. The daisy chain garland gives the Marguerite Angels their name - Marguerites being a small delicate daisy flower. Their daisy crowns were once made of tin. When tin became scarce, in the 1940s, Wendt and Kühn turned to a delicate embossed cardboard for the daisy garland. 

And, a Classic Angel (2.5" tall)

with Teapot and Flower. At their workshop in Grunhainichen, Germany, Wendt and Kuhn employs 155 workers.  

Eighty of them are painters, but only four of those 80 artisans paint faces. They have a very special hand. 

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