Legend of the Bird's Nest

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          "Bird nests are symbols of home; they represent the love, commitment, and effort it takes to build a happy home. Bird nests are also good-luck symbols. Legend has it that prosperity will come to any home that finds a bird's nest nestled among the branches of the family Christmas tree." - Inge-Glas
          This legend is one that has been traced back to Iceland, Sweden, and Germany. The many varied versions of the legend include in that prosperity: health, happiness, friendship, and good luck. Nests it turns out are not where birds sleep (roost) - they are for keeping eggs and chicks in place. They are a home for new life. Audubon Magazine has a wonderful article, Small Miracles: The Wonder of Birds' Nests, with a delightful gallery of photographs of Birds' Nests by Sharon Beals.
The bird's nest is a charming tradition to add to your celebrations. A bird nest, a bird sitting on its nest, or a simple bird are the most natural of all ornaments to place in or on the tip of a branch on your tree. Birds are the number one figural Christmas ornament. Inge-Glas presents a full complement of bird ornaments, to include a number of delightful "bird's nest" ornaments. 
Nestled Beauty
Hetty on Her Nest

Robin on Her Nest

Add the Legend of the Bird's Nest to your Christmas traditions.

You may also enjoy our Inge-Glas Pinterest Board. 

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Gentle Ewe from Inge-Glas - New for 2013

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New for 2013, the Gentle Ewe from Inge-Glas of Germany (No. 1-024-13, 3" tall) brings a dear little sheep to your Christmas Tree.

It was to the Shepherd that the Angel came to announce to the world the birth of Jesus.

"And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.

An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.

But the angel said to them, 'Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.'" - Luke 2:8-12

Sheep are one of the earliest domesticated animals and Shepherds one of the earliest occupations. A food source to be certain, but also a provider of wool, and thus warmth.  

We find ourselves celebrating Shepherds and their sheep, including this Provençal Christmas Shepherd,

and have created a Pinterest Board on Shepherds - affording a place to collect wonderful images of their everyday importance.

Add this Gentle Ewe to your Christmas Tree and be reminded of all the warmth of the holidays.

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Marching Toy Soldiers - Inge-Glas and Christian Ulbricht Ornaments and an Advent Calendar

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New for 2013, Marching Toys (Inge-Glas No. 1-048-13, 4-1/2" tall) is a charming and playful Christmas ornament.

Marching Toys, available in either red or yellow, brings to mind the young boys in our family who spent hours with traditional British tin soldiers - Britains Soldiers (Toy Soldier Specialists) played with and collected by young and old alike.

Romanticized by Walt Disney in the Babes of Toyland and the Rockettes of New York City Music Hall with their Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, My Growing Traditions also offers a delightful Toy Soldier Advent Calendar

and a classic wooden ornament by Christian Ulbricht of Germany

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St. Nik's Toy Treasure from Inge-Glas of Germany

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New for 2013, our favorite of Inge-Glas new Santa ornaments is St. Nik's Toy Treasure (Inge-Glas no. 1-070-13, 4-1/2" tall).

St. Nik's Toy Treasure is quite special in that it combines several mediums - the basic, elegant as always, glass ornament with Santa holding in front of him his bag of Christmas treasures:  a bottle brush tree, a gift wrapped in paper with a yellow tinsel ribbon, and a gold glass Christmas ornament.  

Santa brings unselfishness and goodwill

 "The magical man is based on a melting pot of customs and cultures from the world over.
St. Nicholas, a fourth century, kind and benevolent monk, legendary for his compassion and charity was the most
influential figure in shaping the image of Santa Claus.  When the Dutch brought their "Sinter Clas" to the United States,
the Americans, unaccustomed to the Dutch accent, pronounced the name Santa Claus.
Storybooks, like "It was the Night Before Christmas", and 1800s advertising campaigns brought to live visions
of a jolly man delivering presents to good boys and girls on Christmas Eve.  
Santa Claus encompasses all the goodness and innocence of childhood.
We do believe in Santa!" - Inge Glas

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Resting Waterfowl from Inge-Glas of Germany

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New for 2013, Resting Waterfowl (Inge-Glas No. 1-095-13, 3-1/2" tall) is one of two new Inge-Glas of Germany ornaments with a Bird nestled in its nest.  

This little glass duck is sitting on a nest made of natural materials and clips-on to your tree - hidden a ways into the tree as ducks would conceal their nests in the reeds or for you to place onto the tip of a branch front and center for all to enjoy.

We have a special selection of Inge-Glas' nesting birds but are particularly charmed this year with the natural nesting materials Inge-Glas has used for these two new ornaments.

P.S. the second nesting bird New for 2013 from Inge-Glas is a Limited Edition ornament - Nestled Contenment. Such perfection!

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Don't forget your Christmas Pickle

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Inge-Glas of Germany has created a wonderful selection of Christmas Pickle glass ornaments. The pickle ornament is said to be an old German tradition. The pickle is hidden on the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve after the children have gone to bed. 

As the legend goes, the child to first find the pickle on Christmas morning receives a special gift.

We offer Inge-Glas' set of three pickles in a wooden gift box, or each size individually. Click on the images below to find them in our shop.



Every family has their own tradition for the special treat enjoyed by the child who finds the pickle.  Receiving a gift is always fun, but the pickle could also bring other privileges. 

The child who finds the pickle:

          - has good luck throughout the year

          - opens the first present Christmas morning

          - gives the first present Christmas morning

          - is Santa's helper Christmas morning, delivering presents all around

          - says Grace or reads a poem at Christmas dinner   

          - is chosen to be the Secret Santa for the day (secretly doing something special for a family member or friend)

The possibilities are endless...

Choose your tradition, leave the pickle out for Santa on Christmas Eve, alongside his cookies and milk, wait, and see what happens.

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Santa Lucia's Day - Saint Lucy

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December 13th is Santa Lucia's Day.  It is celebrated throughout Europe, but especially in the Scandinavia countries.  Inge-Glas of Germany memorializes her in their lovely mouth-blown Christmas ornament

 Today's blog post of Lavender and Lovage is one you will enjoy. Visit their page about Saint Lucy - for a recipe for Saffron buns and more. Lavender and Lovage provides a simple and wonderful description of the Scandinavian Santa Lucia traditions on December 13th.  

"The oldest daughter of the family rises just before dawn and dresses in a white gown with a red sash, which symbolises Lucia's purity and her martyrdom. On her head she places a crown of lingonberry twigs and leaves in which candles are set, in memory of the candles Lucia wore when she visited the prisoners.  She is now the 'Lucia bride' or the 'Queen of lights". She then prepares fresh coffee, ginger biscuits, and Lussekatter (meaning 'cat' buns or cakes'), which she takes to her parents in bed."

You may also enjoy our Pinterest board on Scandinavia.


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