Little Who - Baby Snowy Owl - New for 2013 Inge-Glas

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New for 2013 - Little Who (a Baby Snowy Owl) from Inge-Glas with Legend Card. Inge-Glas No. 1-066-13.  2-3/4" tall clip on ornament.

The Inge-Glas glass-blower family of Mueller-Blech has always been known for their production of glass birds.  Birds are symbols of joy and happiness and are said to be messengers from God.

The owl brings wisdom and cleverness.

"The Owl... Perched in the tree tops, nothing escapes the owl's watchful eye. 

Very concentrated, yet modest, the owl is a symbol of cleverness and wisdom. 

'The wise old owl' ... an owl ornament on your Christmas tree is thought to help give you wisdom

and strength for the challenges that lie ahead in the new year."  - Inge-Glas 

All birds and all owls are a most welcome addition to our Christmas trees - the bird is the number one collectible figural ornament - yet, the Snowy Old is simply said a wondrous winter creature.  

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has gathered most informative facts for the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus).  Paintings of Snowy Owls have been found in European caves dating back 30,000 years.  A bird of prey, they were once placed in their own genus, but new genetic analysis revealed that they are closely related to the Bubo genus.  According to Wikipedia:  "The American (North and South America) horned owls and the Old World eagle-owls make up the genus Bubo, at least as traditionally described." They are active both during the day and at night - unlike most other owls who are nocturnal.  They eat about 3 to 5 lemmings each day. In their first year of life they have more grey and brown flecking on their back, breast, and head. They molt over time into a white plummage.

And, of course, they have become a part of the popular culture because of the Harry Potter books"Owls are magical creatures most often used for delivering post and parcels in the wizarding world. They are known for their speed and discretion and can find recipients without an address."

This little creature, Little Who, is a perfect addition for your Christmas traditions.

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Grand Mane - Lion - New for 2013 from Inge-Glas of Germany

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New for 2013, Inge-Glas' Grand Mane (Inge-Glas No. 1-047-13, 3-3/4" tall) is a majestic addition to their ornaments representing the animal kingdom.

Although we often think of him as the largest of the cats The Lion, Panthera leo,

is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. They currently reside in the wild in sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia. Something we don't often think about is that until 10,000 years ago they lived in the Americas from the Yukon to Peru. They live for 10-14 years in the wild, but in captivity they can live longer - for more than 20 years.   

We include them in every zoo trip possible, and we romanticize them in memorable books and movies. We see Inge-Glas' Grand Mane Christmas Ornament and immediately think of Aslan in the C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia series of seven books (of which The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the most highly read). Just as quickly, the delightful movie and stage productions of The Lion King come to mind. 

As the Lion King, Aslan, or simply possibly the most regal of all animals, Grand Mane is a magnificent addition to your Christmas Tree.

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Santa Frost Inge-Glas of Germany 2013 Annual Ornament

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Inge-Glas® of Germany has commenced the Third Series of their Annual Ornament Collections.  Each ornament is made only in the year in which it is introduced. This third series is scheduled to run from 2013 through 2018.  


For 2013 the annual Inge-Glas ornament is Santa Frost. Inge-Glas No. 1-001-13. 5-1/2" tall. This very special, spectacular ornament is in the Inge-Glas tradition mouth-blown, hand-painted. It is decorated with glittering Swarovski Elements in the center of Santa's Star. 

The year 2013 appears on Santa's back. This collectible ornament is individually packed in a premium gift box.

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The Christmas Mouse

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New for 2013 is Inge-Glas of Germany's Christmas Mouse

We find ourselves writing about him - of all the wonderful new Inge-Glas ornaments this year - because as we considered the new for 2013 ornaments to add to our selection - he was without a second thought our first choice.  It must be his little impish face taking in the joyousness of the holiday.

His eyes are very special - not brown, or blue, or hazel in color - but rather, they are of Swarovski crystal elements. Inge-Glas and Swarovski Crystal have been working together for many years now.  We offer a number of other ornaments from the Swarovski - Inge-Glas partnership - they add a special twinkling of light to your Christmas tree.

Seeing The Christmas Mouse brought back fond memories of a wonderful children's book: The Church Mice at Christmas by Graham Oakley.

 Christmas keeps Mortimer, the church mouse, ever so busy celebrating the wondrousness of the holiday - decorating the tree, hanging the lights, singing Christmas carols, hanging his stocking, etc. When all is done, he snuggles down to sleep Christmas Eve making a Christmas wish. Graham Oakley's illustrations and stories are intricate, whimsical, and just plain charming. 


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Inge-Glas' Snow Tweet with her Christian Ulbricht Cardinal

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New for 2013, Snow Tweet (Inge-Glas no. 1-009-13, 4-1/4" tall) is a Limited Edition of 999 pieces, with Presentation Box, and most especially is in collaboration with the German wooden ornament workshop of Christian Ulbricht. Ulbricht has crafted the wooden bird - a Cardinal - in her hand.

Special in so many ways, Snow Tweet is a Snow Baby, or Snow Kinder, a Christmas decoration that has been around since 1905. As Wikipedia explains the original Snow Babies were "involved in some aspect of the Christmas holidays or of winter sports. The traditional snow baby is made of unglazed porcelain (bisque) and shows a child dressed in a snowsuit; the suit itself is covered in small pieces of crushed bisque, giving the appearance of fallen snowflakes."  Inge-Glas replicates the porcelain figures in their Snow Kinder (Kinder is the German word for "child") glass ornaments, creating a fuzzy, snow-crystal like finish on these fun, active little children.

Snow Tweet carries a red bird, or Northern Cardinal, made of wood by the Ulbricht studios in Germany.  The Northern Cardinal is long beloved as a symbol of Christmas cheer and is considered America's "Christmas bird."

My Growing Traditions offers an Inge-Glas Northern Cardinal

and we carry several Christian Ulbricht Christmas birds - a Cardinal on a bird feeder

and two simple little Ulbricht birds, which are not all red, but which are ever so much fun. One is 1-1/2" tall

and the other is 1/2" high 

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Favorite Horse - Hobby Horse

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New for 2013, Inge-Glas' Favorite Horse Christmas Ornament - a delightful child's Hobby Horse - so often found in one form or another in all of our playrooms.

Immediately, the classic children's Nursery rhyme, Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross, comes to mind

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
And she shall have music wherever she goes.
Interestingly, the word hobby derives from the horse.  In the middle ages a small, pony-like horse was called a "hobby." When horse back riding became a popular pastime (during the reign of Henry VIII), the word "hobby" became associated with leisure activity. Children imitated riding a horse using the toy Hobby Horse, much like children of today have toy cars.  
A wonderful ornament to hang on your tree as a memory of all the children in our lives.

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Traveled Companion

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New for 2013, the Traveled Companion brings to your Christmas tree a remembrance of all those special trips in your life. This charming ornament is from Inge-Glas (No. 1-090-13, 2-3/4" tall).

Travel is one of those things that we all dream about.

High on our list are return trips to Provence (the home of all things Santons) - this guide book full of gorgeous photos and our Pinterest Board on Provence allow us places to feast on wonderful images of the area, 

to Neustadt, Germany - the home of Inge-Glas'  Historical German Christmas Museum,

and, to the Erzgebirge, Germany - the home of German Christmas, where we delight each visit in returning to the Ore Mountain Toy Museum in Seiffen.

A dream is to follow the German Toy Road and to extend that road south into Tirol, Northern Italy.

And, ultimately, a visit to Dresden and its Christmas Market - the oldest Christmas Market in Germany. 

Celebrate your travels - past and future - with the Traveled Companion.

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